2004 - Sitler and Strong’s “Joseph - The Fire Within My God is In Control No More Joseph King of the Egyptians And the Pharaoh Dreams Power of God I Power of God II Power of God III Ten Toys Are You Ready? Egypt How Can This Be I Have a Place Pharaoh’s Jail / Joseph’s Prayer The Way it Was What Will Become of Me When I was Young
2009 - Sitler and Strong’s “Esther - Stand Days of Reign Great Design World Full of Women Lead Me Through Haman and Me Don’t Be Afraid Until the Morning Meant to Be Still Showtime Time of Trouble Prank Esther, Don’t Go For Such a Time What Must Be Done Honor and Praise Great Design (reprise) I Lift My Voice
2014 - Sitler and Strong’s “Daniel - Wisdom and Might” The Wonders of Babylon Fury at the Furnace Answers Babylon Fever Dream in the Night Dream So Rare Fallen Apart Forever and Ever He Loves You Heroes Holy Holy Home Once Again Once Again - reprise Once Again - Finale Savior, God, Friend Scrubbing Floors Stand The Ballad of Ashpenaz
2019 - Sitler and Strong’s “David- Chosen” Long Live the King Wait Sheep Song The One Who Knows Giant Problem Saul’s Lullaby Jonathan’s song (Crisis) The Reason Ten Times More Anyone Can Kill a Giant Infinite He Is There Great is Your Love Win At Any Cost Alone Temporary Immigrants Choose Song of the Bow Thank You Lord